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NEW! Golden Hour Series 2024 (01)/ 24x24" oil on 1-1/2" deep canvas; the painting wraps around the sides so there's no need to frame it. Comes varnished and ready to hang.


This painting features warm, golden tones that capture the fleeting magical moments of the golden hour, the time just before sunset when the light is soft and glowing.  The rich, textured layers of oil paint and glittering sand details bring depth and vibrancy to the canvas, creating an immersive experience.


This new series "Golden Hour" celebrates our great central sun. It came to me after a series of deep breathwork guided mediations through a portal where I met my future self. I kept landing in variations of this scene during the golden hour-- on the beach, on a boat anchored nearby with friends popping champagne, celebrating the success of a huge project I'm working on with a business partner. I could feel myself there, my heart expanded, full of love and joy! In essence-- this painting, and those to follow in this warm series-- is how I am creating now, through a shift in being, by painting my future in to the present.

Golden Hour (2024 series 01)

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