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Spirit Animals come to us as supports and messengers through different chapters of our lives, representing the guidance our souls are wanting us to receive.


When I first began painting in 2003-4 I started seeing turtles and receiving Turtle messages at times when I (didn't know) I needed to hear their wisdom, "it's not a race", "slow and steady", "patience, dear one". They even came to me in gifts... At other times I recived messages of courage during scary life transitions when using my voice felt unsafe (Lion).


In 2017 during a ceremony I received the White Condor through a Shaman. This spirit anaimal has come through many times since as my journey teaches me this most profound and deep message: how to give and receive love. I'm still learning this and will continue to practice and integrate the healing frequency of love for the rest of my life.


During a sweat lodge ceremony that same year the ancestors gave me the name "Bright Eagle Woman". This magnificent animal has taught me what it means to see: simultaneous perspectives of past/present/future, innersight/clairvoyance, perceiving the web of possibilities from one choice point, seeing the contrasts of dual existence in ones ego and soul, mind and heart, fears and desires, presenting as masks and the truths beneath. I can see it all, in others and in myself; we are mirrors.


Most recently I was given a new spirit animal: Jaguar. When I need a boost of confidence, to trust my body and intuition when messages from the outside world don't feel right, Jaguar helps open my third eye chakra and connect with more clarity to the centred guidance within, to connect with my power and purpose, to make choices that are right for me and feel confident in the life I am choosing to create.


Sometimes your spirit animal is your companion animal. If this resonates in your heart, you can trust it is true for you too. My late dog Cosmo was the deepest soul connection I had ever experienced before meeting my twin soul. He came to me in a conscious dream weeks after his passing so that we could talk. He shared where he was, what his experience was like, and where he was going. It was one of the most spiritually activating and enlightening experiences of my life.


Sometime spirit animals come to us in subtle ways, and sometimes it's sudden and transformative. However they come to you is perfect for you, your life, and the messages they bring.


If this offering is speaking to you, perhaps a channeled painting of your given spirit animal is what your home is wanting. Let's connect.


Pricing is based on size and complexity, generally $3/sq inch and takes 2-3 months to complete.

Spirit Animal - Custom Painting

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