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And the queen of my new collection is… Freedom Song (30x48”) oil on canvas. She’s super special and deeply meaningful for me. I really pushed my limits on this piece, painting countless hours for weeks until every detail was how I imagined it.


This painting was inspired by the view of Mount Baker I enjoyed for 5 years, my late loved ones lost during this time, each representing joy, the colour meanings of yellow and purple, the symbolism of numbers, and the layers of what freedom means for me: spreading my wings, choosing a better life, finding my voice…


This was also my first time painting foxgloves and a songbird, this really special little yellow warbler. While gathering and researching the images, I wanted to reference a bird that had spiritual symbolism representing the realm of our loved ones. The yellow warbler stood out from the other birds. I was drawn to yellow for joy, the colours of my loved ones.


But... since I’d never seen one before, I hesitated. For those who are familiar with my work, you know I paint my experiences. I had never seen this bird before.


Miraculously, shortly afterwards, a Wilson’s Warbler flew in to my cottage! We visited for 20 minutes. I spoke gently to her while taking lots of photos as she rested in my hand. Her feathers were gorgeous, radiant, so precious and detailed. The entire experience left my heart full of gratitude, smiling in blissful awe. And so, this is the story of how Freedom Song came to be.


  • 30x48" original oil painting on 1-1/2" deep canvas

  • painting wraps around sides

  • comes varnished and ready to hang
 (frame in virtual room not included, for demonstration only)

*International Orders, please contact with address for shipping options and rates

Freedom Song, 30x48"

C$4,800.00 Regular Price
C$3,600.00Sale Price
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