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Daina Deblette

Guiding you on a transformative journey towards attaining clarity of mind, body, and spirit.


Ready for clarity?

Let’s connect in a complimentary 15-min Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit.

We'll chat about what you are looking for, answer any questions you may have about coaching, and see if we’re a good fit.


Be inspired by what is possible!

Let's connect.

All sessions are online via Zoom.




Book your 90-min intake session today.

This is the next step to take if you've completed the Discovery Call and feel we're a good coach-client fit. In this session we will walk through the relationship contract and confidentiality forms, and begin our first session.

Be inspired by what is possible!

Let's begin.


*Introductory rate ends July 31;

August 1 intake rate $215


In this 60-minute session I support you  through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


Look out for the Zoom link in your email inbox 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your session.

$88*/session or $400*/5 session pkg

*Introductory rate ends July 31;

August 1 rate $144/hr, $650/5 sessions


Designed for optimal deep dive soul exploration and personal growth, this package of five 60-minute sessions supports you fully as we journey through the heart, mind, body and soul connection.


Somatic therapies, intuitive insights and breathwork may be offered.


$400*/5 session pkg

*Introductory rate ends July 31;

August 1 rate $144/hr, $650/5 sessions

My entire life can really change in a year.

I just need to love myself enough

to know I deserve more,

be brave enough to demand more,

and be disciplined enough


to actually work for more.

What is your soul whispering to you? What lights you up? What are your strengths and desires, values and goals? What does health, harmony, and success feel or look like for you?

In this safe, supportive space, we will unveil the wisdom that already lies within you. Together we will reveal what's between where you are today, and the life your soul is calling you to align with. It is your divine birthright as a soul living this human experience to awaken and lean in to your full potential.

It's not easy delving in to the depths of your shadows, but it is worth it, for here is where you'll discover the clarity awaiting to show you the next steps on your journey. You don't have to do it alone. The life you desire, is desiring you. It is time to release what's been holding you back.

Using intuition, empathy and presence, I pull from a broad resource of knowledge and experiences to help empower your choices towards the authentic, harmonious life you desire to express and experience.

I help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are beneath the masks, and who you need to become to live your innate authentic expression, your unique essence within you that is wanting to be free.

My name is Daina Deblette. I'm a Certified Life Coach (ICF through Rhodes Wellness College), a self-taught professional painter, art teacher and entrepreneur (Ocean Art Studio). I am trauma-informed with training in physical somatic therapy techniques including art and breathwork, spiritual wellness including meditation, grounding and chakra energy centres, and metaphysics including energy reading and use of spiritual tools.


I have lived experience in great contrasts which has gifted me the abilities to help you wherever you are in your journey. I have 20 years experience successfully empowering people of all ages overcome creative blocks that transcend many life categories through my unique creative soul process.


I'm currently deepening my training as I earn a Professional Counsellor Diploma (path towards RPC with CPCA, 2024) through Rhodes Wellness College, and Reiki level I, II, III Cosmic Conscious Reiki certification through Temples of Atlantis Mystery School. I am devoted to my personal growth and spiritual practice as I continue to learn with my guides and mentors Cassady Cayne, Colette Baron Reid, Rebecca Campbell, and Alison Shine since 2018.


Some of the best advice I received was to make sure my mentors do their due diligence and also have mentors, and their mentors have mentors. If they don't, that's a red flag as healing is rarely linear, and as healers help others, we too heal. Healing and growth is not meant to be done in isolation. Life is a journey; we grow through connection and support. If you've found yourself guided here, perhaps this message is for you. Let's connect in a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call.


When you light a candle in the dark, the darkness disappears.

Be inspired by what is possible! Let's work together.



Let's connect.

Talk soon!


“Daina brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom to her coaching and counselling approach that, combined with her profound empathy and intuition and her creative spirit, truly supports and nurtures her clients as they dig deep and start moving the blocks and traumas that have kept them stuck for so long. I have grown in every session I have had with Daina, and treasure those sessions with her!”


“I have been so grateful to have Daina as my coach. At a time when I am going through both personal and professional life changes she is there to support me on my journey. Her ability to create a safe environment for me to explore my future and guide me in a new direction is invaluable. I am lucky to have found her services.”


“Daina really (I mean REALLY) listens to me. She asks questions that allow me to find my own way through a difficult transition in my life. I feel calm, held, and comfortable in her presence. Would highly recommend Daina to anyone seeking to find clarity in their own life.”


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