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Supporting your journey towards attaining clarity of heart, mind, body, and spirit


"I'm more me after shedding everything I wasn't." ~ Daina

Are You Longing for Love, Purpose, and Connection?

Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Prosperity?

Support through Anxiety, Grief and Loss?

Welcome to a transformative journey where your deepest desires are not just acknowledged but attainable. I'm Daina Deblette, your certified life coach, trauma-informed wellness counsellor, and a guide on the hero/heroine’s journey. Together, let's embark on a path to realign your authentic voice and inner wisdom with your soul's compass.

Real Transformation, Real Fast

In my 20-year practice as an artist and teacher, I've helped over a thousand individuals from children to seniors connect with their innate desire for self-expression. Now, as your coach, my mission is to help you believe in what's possible, and take inspired action towards realizing your unique abilities and dreams. My online clients throughout Canada receive the same depth of presence, care and attunement during our sessions as do my in-person clients. 


You are the captain of your life! Let's get you back at the helm and on due course.


Imagine Overcoming Heavy Imposter Thoughts...

"What if I fail?"

"Am I too much?"

"I'm not good enough."

"Love doesn't feel safe."

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"Will things ever get better?"

...Or the dreaded Freeze, overwhelming Shame, and Analysis Paralysis.


Proven Results

Positive shifts and new perspectives begin unfolding from the very first session. Every client reports increased consciousness, awareness and ongoing positive changes, building session after session.

Success Stories

A 20-something client sought help for overwhelm, time management and self-confidence, but discovered courage and permission to be authentically himself. The result? A healthy, connected and committed relationship.

A frustrated 30-something client struggling with a history of emotionally unavailable partners found clarity in what she was calling in. She learned to trust herself, leading to a fulfilling relationship that reflected her desires.

A mid-40s client transitioning from motherhood to entrepreneurship gained support in branding, marketing, and overcoming limiting beliefs. She not only launched her business successfully but aligned with collaborators and partnerships.

A client nearing 50, a veteran survivor of unimaginable traumas, lived most of his life masking and suppressing his emotions. He sought support to reconnect with his creativity, and practice expressing himself authentically. Now he leads men’s veteran and addiction recovery groups. He built a heart-led business that will help many more create the life they envision!

These stories are just a glimpse of the profound shifts and new realities my clients have created.

🔑  Explore patterns and cycles holding you back.
🔑  Overcome negative habits, limiting beliefs and blocks.
🔑  Uncover your unique gifts, values, skills, strengths, and desires.
🔑  Learn to navigate fears and insecurities, and open to new opportunities.
🔑  Experience tools, techniques, and exercises for confident decision-making.
🔑  Demystify the nervous system, anxiety and trauma responses to regain control.
🔑  Understand innate human emotions for improved communication, needs and boundaries.

Healing Begins Here
Sourced from a lifetime passion in applied personal development, I've curated a treasure chest of training - lived experiences, modern science, neuroplasticity, quantum energetics, ancient wisdom,
therapeutic modalities and holistic wellness, together with professional ethical practices. Access keys to transform uncertainty into clarity, discern feelings and thoughts from intuition, discover the joy of guilt-free self-care.

Exclusive Coaching Packages
✨ Imagine how much your life might positively shift after just five weeks. For those seeking a focused transformation, consider beginning with a 5-Session Package.

✨ Take a deeper dive into your journey with our 3-Month Package, allowing for sustained growth, curated and comprehensive support.

✨ For those truly committed to investing in profound change and accountability, our 6-Month Package offers an immersive and transformative experience that anchors in your new shift in being and living.

Connect to Begin
Whether 1:1 coaching or wellness counselling, let's explore what's active for your right now, and what shifts you're seeking. Begin with a Discovery Call over Zoom to discuss your goals and see if we're a good fit.

The Heroine's Journey - My Story
I survived unbelievable challenges that led to
pivoting and rebuilding at 48. I stand as proof that healing and transformation is not only possible but liberating. No problem is too small or too much. There is always a way!

Book Your Complimentary Session Today
The only thing between you and realizing your dreams, is taking one inspired step. And then another. Are you ready?

Email to book a 15-minute Discovery Session and let's take those inspired steps together.

Still not sure? I shared a bit more just for you following the testimonials below.

When you light a candle in the dark, the darkness disappears.

Be inspired by what is possible!




This is the next step following the Discovery Call when we feel we're a good coach-client fit. In this extended session we walk through the relationship contract, confidentiality agreement, background history, and begin our first session.

Choose from In-Person

or remote via Zoom.


$144 / 90 minute


In this 50-minute session I support you  through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


Choose from In-Person sessions

or Remote via Zoom

$120 / 50 minute session

$555 / 5-session pkg



Imagine how much your life might positively shift after just five weeks. This package of five sessions supports you where you're at with your current challenges, what you're wanting and ready to transform.


$555 / 5 session pkg

$111 / session


3 and 6 month packages available

"My entire life can really change in a year.

I just need to love myself enough

to know I deserve more,

be brave enough to demand more,

and be disciplined enough


to actually work for more."

Daina_coaching pic profile.jpg


“There is such a beautiful nurturing spirituality about Daina that makes you feel like you are in the presence of an angelic being. The way Daina worked with such ease made everything seem so clear! I am definitely on a new path now.”


“Daina brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom to her coaching and counselling approach that, combined with her profound empathy and intuition and her creative spirit, truly supports and nurtures her clients as they dig deep and start moving the blocks and traumas that have kept them stuck for so long. I have grown in every session I have had with Daina, and treasure those sessions with her!”


“I have been so grateful to have Daina as my coach. At a time when I am going through both personal and professional life changes she is there to support me on my journey. Her ability to create a safe environment for me to explore my future and guide me in a new direction is invaluable. I am lucky to have found her services.”


“Daina really (I mean REALLY) listens to me. She asks questions that allow me to find my own way through a difficult transition in my life. I feel calm, held, and comfortable in her presence. Would highly recommend Daina to anyone seeking to find clarity in their own life.”


Not sure if you’re ready for support yet? Let’s explore your Why...

Imagine this analogy: You invest in keeping your car maintained so you’re free to drive. In a nutshell, your car = your freedom. The consequences if you don’t? Your car declines until it becomes immobile. The same goes if you don’t renew your bus pass, don’t maintain your bicycle, or don’t care for your body.

If you don’t maintain your body, your legs weaken, your core muscles begin to atrophy, and you’re more prone to injuries. You move your body even less, and the result is your physical capacity becomes limited. Life becomes more restricted.

How does this apply to receiving support through counselling + coaching? Your mind + heartspace are the computer centres of mental + emotional health, wellbeing, availability and intelligence (IQ, EQ). From these core centres we affect every single relationship within our orbit- ourselves, family, partners, friends, work, community - from our inner world to our outer world - which reflects back to us exactly where we are and who we are BEing.

What do I mean by this? If your core wound is “I’m not worthy”, then your outer life may be reflecting back limiting experiences of lack, conflict, constant struggle, feeling stuck, low confidence, never having enough money, painful patterns in relationships, not enough time to do the things you enjoy, looking outside yourself for love and always being disappointed… WOW. That all feels so heavy because it IS.

How do I know? Because I've been there, I know how hopeless and confusing it feels. If I can overcome the depths of despair, I believe you can too. I learned a lot, and I'm here to help you now. Not by providing answers, but by guiding you how to listen to own inner wisdom. The same empowering wisdom I learned to listen to. It literally saved my life.

If you can relate to any one of these experiences, you may also be feeling hopeless, frustrated, anxious, depressed, even angry. Your go-to may even be to try harder, or to avoid anything or anyone who triggers these core wounds. These are all cues that your mental and emotional power centres - your brain and your heart centre - are in desperate need of support and healing.

The good news is, it’s never too late. These and other core belief
s began in childhood before your brain was developed enough to process the cause and effect of your environment. The result was that life continued to reflect beliefs and the meanings you formed around them back to you. But a belief is just that, a thought you believe to be true [boom mic drop!]. Which means, you CAN choose a NEW belief, and practice it until it becomes true. But first we need to understand why you experience life as you do, process it, decide what new experience you want, how, what, and who you’ll need to become to live your new desired state. It's very hard to do this on your own. And if you’ve felt alone for so long, like an island on an island as I did, that loneliness has an opportunity to end here. My job as your deep transformational coach and counsellor is to help you through each step.

Your body is an intelligent machine with an energy field so powerful, the latest quantum science is just beginning to understand what the ancients have known for thousands of years. I’m here to demystify all of that so you can apply it, feel it until you believe it, and live the results.

Your entire life can really change in a year! You just need to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more. Not in an outward way, but an inward devotion to your healing journey.

Because you ARE worth it.

Life is always expressing itself based on your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, and actions. You can give up and let things happen to you, around you. Or you can get back in the driver’s seat, back at the helm, and recalibrate your compass. Lean in to what you’re capable of.  Your life can become as clear and abundant.

The uncomfortable truth is, what is possible for you lives on the other side of your comfort zone. So stretch the limits of your status quo. Your life is YOUR responsibility and yours alone.

Now take a few moments to explore your ‘why’ again. How will your life look a year from now if you continue doing what you’ve always done? And how will your life look a year from now if you take this one step to invest in your mental + emotional health? The bonus of working with me is that your physical + spiritual wellbeing will naturally follow.

If you’re leaning towards a ‘YES’ but still aren’t sure, let’s explore your questions together. Book your free Discovery Session today! You’ve got nothing to lose (except everything you’re ready to let go of ;) 💛


It's your time to Shine

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