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Supporting your journey towards attaining clarity of heart, mind, body, and spirit


"I'm more me after shedding everything I wasn't." ~ Daina

Are You Longing for Love, Purpose, and Connection?

Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Prosperity?

Support through Anxiety, Grief and Loss?

Welcome to a transformative journey where your deepest desires are not only acknowledged but attainable. I'm Daina Deblette, your certified life coach and trauma-informed therapeutic counsellor. Together, let's embark on a path to realign your authentic voice and inner wisdom with your soul's compass. Click Let's Begin to go straight to the booking portal.



Real Transformation

In my 20-year practice as an artist and teacher, I've helped over a thousand individuals from children to seniors connect with their innate desire for self-expression. Now, as your coach, my mission is to help you believe in what's possible, and take inspired action towards realizing your unique abilities and dreams. My online clients throughout Canada receive the same depth of presence, care and attunement during our sessions as do my in-person clients. 


You are the captain of your life! Let's get you back at the helm and on due course.


Imagine Overcoming Limiting Thoughts...

"What if I fail?"

"Am I too much?"

"I'm not good enough."

"Love doesn't feel safe."

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"Will things ever get better?"

...Or the dreaded Freeze, overwhelming Shame, and Analysis Paralysis.


Proven Results

I help clients experience increased conscious awareness and ongoing positive changes, session after session.

🔑  Explore patterns and cycles holding you back.
🔑  Overcome negative habits, limiting beliefs and blocks.
🔑  Uncover your unique gifts, values, skills, strengths, and desires.
🔑  Learn to navigate fears and insecurities, and open to new opportunities.
🔑  Experience tools, techniques, and exercises for confident decision-making.
🔑  Demystify the nervous system, anxiety and trauma responses to regain control.
🔑  Understand innate human emotions for improved communication, needs and boundaries.

Healing Begins Here
Sourced from a lifetime passion in applied personal development, I've curated a treasure chest of training - lived experiences, modern science, neuroplasticity, quantum energetics, ancient wisdom,
therapeutic modalities and holistic wellness, together with professional ethical practices. Access keys to transform uncertainty into clarity, discern feelings and thoughts from intuition, discover the joy of guilt-free self-care.

Connect to Begin
Whether you're looking for 1:1 coaching (present-future focused) or counselling (past-present focused), let's explore what's active for you right now, and what shifts you're seeking. Begin with a Discovery Call over Zoom to discuss your goals and see if we're a good fit.

My Story
I survived unbelievable challenges that led to
pivoting and rebuilding at 48. I stand as proof that healing and transformation are not only possible but liberating. No problem is too small or too much. There is always a way!

Book Your Complimentary Session Today
The only thing between you and realizing your dreams, is taking one inspired step. And then another. Are you ready?

Click the link below to book a 15-minute Discovery Session today.


New Client Session Rates

For a limited time, the introductory rate per session is $95 while I build my practice. There are a limited number of sliding scale spots available for clients in need.



When you light a candle in the dark, the darkness disappears.

Be inspired by what is possible!


"My entire life can really change in a year.

I just need to love myself enough

to know I deserve more,

be brave enough to demand more,

and be disciplined enough


to actually work for more."


or click Let's Begin to access the self-booking page

It's your time to Shine

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