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When I lived on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia I used to drive up here to watch the sun set. I wondered about the people walking through the shallows below… What their lives were like, were they happy, sad, loved? Were they escaping from or working towards something? Everyone has a story. As I sat on the bluff on that beautiful, calm summer evening, I found myself readying to do both.

“The destination was to head towards a freer life. That is a vague destination, no one knows what it looks like when we get there. It is a journey without end, but I did not know that then. I was just on my way. Where else was there to head for?
Freedom is never free. Anyone who has struggled to be free knows how much it costs.”
- Extracted from Deborah Levy’s The Cost of Living


  • 11x14" original oil painting on 1-1/2" deep canvas

  • painting wraps around sides

  • comes varnished and ready to hang

*International Orders, please contact with address for shipping options and rates

The Tides of Change, 11x14"

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