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“Every day a million miracles begin at sunrise.” - Eric Jerome Dickey

Every morning, and every moment, we get another chance to make lighter choices towards our heart’s desires, to lean away from fear, towards love. It requires awareness of our inner gate keeper, immense courage and practice, hundreds of times each day, to stop thinking (feeling and doing) the same limiting things if we want new uplifting results, and dare to make a new choice. I struggle with this challenge daily in life, and through every painting. It’s like trudging through mud (my ego) to get to clearer water (my true self). For every hour of painting I break through for a few minutes. And every time it’s those few minutes of ease that drive me to never give up. When I finally finish a painting the sense of accomplishment is like a big loving hug from my soul. But the best part- always- is when I get to share it with you and you feel the love too 💛.


  • 11x14" original oil painting on 1-1/2" deep canvas

  • painting wraps around sides

  • comes varnished and ready to hang

*International Orders, please contact with address for shipping options and rates

The Brightest Star, 11x14"

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