I was visiting my aunt in Parksville on Vancouver Island (BC) with my cousin and niece in January 2020 when we were blessed with this incredible rainbow over the Georgia Strait (check out my story for the video). What made it extra special is that rainbows connect my family, especially to my late mom (my aunt’s sister).

My cousin flew from Montreal to Halifax just to drive away from Nova Scotia 5 years ago when I moved west (October 23 is the anniversary of my arrival). She made what could have been an incredibly difficult experience in to a fun adventure. That day we saw 7 rainbows!! Including a huge double rainbow you can see in the last slide.

Whenever my mom wants to connect she sends me the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow 💞. It moves me every time, since it’s often at the most unexpected times! When I was buying some food for my first art show I had at my new studio on Salt Spring Island in 2017, the check out clerk at the grocery store suddenly broke out in to song, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Oh my heart!! My mom wanted me to know how proud she was of me, for me to feel her love and support.


  • 11x14" original oil painting on 1-1/2" deep canvas

  • painting wraps around sides

  • comes varnished and ready to hang

*International Orders, please contact with address for shipping options and rates

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 11x14"