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Welcome to my Blog !

Insights and stories about teaching, the science of creativity, what inspires me (travel + nature + galleries, oh yes please!), tips and techniques, videos and photos showing painting processes and progress, new workshops on offer - you'll find it all here.

I'd like to introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Daina. I love to learn. I write every morning. Art stores and book stores are invitations for fresh ideas. I read every day. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I paint. If fish tacos and G&Ts are on the menu, I’m game to try. I love photography and the beauty of nature. I love picnics, travel, adventures, water, sunshine, lying under the stars, the sound of silence, birdsong, wood fires, beeswax candles, cozy blankets and funky pillows, fresh flowers, soy cappuccinos, pasta, beaches, ocean air, passionfruit, authenticity, connection, beach-vibe playlists, inspiring quotes, mid-century modern design, Airstream, road trips, Times special editions “The Science of”. I’m fascinated by the unseen, non-physical world – my greatest teacher – by psychology, and empowering social media influencers. I love breaking down my barriers. I love listening to peoples’ stories. And most of all, I love Life.

I believe each relationship in my life is a reflection of my inner light and shadows, showing me what to build on and what to let go of. I'm always learning, growing and evolving, challenging myself beyond my discomforts. This is why I've been able to make hard decisions and pivot drastically and bravely towards new fulfilling life paths.

I believe in the science of neuroplasticity; we are each born with the same potential to learn anything we want to, including art. The deciding factor lies in our belief system: will you choose to be limitless with a growth mindset? or will you settle on a limited fixed-brain mindset? Imagine the freedom in choosing the former! Our brains grow when we challenge ourselves, just like a muscle, which can feel like struggle. The key is to never give up. This new science is proving that there's no such thing as "born gifted" or "talented". Those are limiting labels, fancy words as an excuse to not try, to not put in the hard work, dedication and practice towards becoming really good at something. I began teaching myself to paint in 2003. But in truth, I had been honing my creative skills since I was a baby, because my parents supported creativity. So when I started learning to paint with oils it was much easier than if I had been telling myself for 28 years that I wasn't creative.

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